Smoking Ban In Effect at LTC

The COLTS Board of Directors passed a resolution to ban smoking outside the Lackawanna Transit Center. Signage is in place and smoking receptacles have been removed.

No Transfer Fee Inbound to Lackawanna Transit Center from Wyoming Ave.

COLTS offers a free transfer to passengers from the 100 block of Wyoming Avenue inbound to the Lackawanna Transit Center. There is still a transfer charge of 75 cents on a regular fare (35 cents with a disabled pass) on all outbound trips from the Lackawanna Transit Center to Wyoming Avenue.

The following buses pick up inbound in the 100 block of Wyoming Avenue: #12 Jessup, #14 Drinker/Chestnut, #18 Petersburg, #41 High Works, #45 Viewmont Express, #48 Dalton/Waverly/Clarks Summit, #52 Carbondale, #53 Marywood/U of S, and #54 Green Ridge/Dickson City.

Buses do not automatically stop in the 100 block; passengers must flag down the bus. All passengers must exit the bus at the Transit Center.

COLTS Buses Using New Transit Center

COLTS buses are using the Lackawanna Transit Center, located at 30 Lackawanna Ave., as the new bus hub. Passengers can still get on the bus in the 100 block of Wyoming if they flag the bus down; the bus will not stop unless flagged. The buses that run along the 100 block of Wyoming are:
#12 Jessup (inbound and outbound)
#14 Drinker/Chestnut (inbound and outbound)
#18 Petersburg (inbound and outbound)
#41 High Works (inbound and outbound)
#43 Viewmont Mall/Bangor (outbound only)
#45 Viewmont Express (inbound and outbound)
#48 Dalton/Waverly/Clarks Summit (inbound and outbound)
#52 Carbondale (inbound and outbound)
#53 Marywood/U of S (inbound only)
#54 Green Ridge/Dickson City (inbound and outbound)
#71 Evening City Circle North (outbound only)
#73 Saturday Night Special (inbound and outbound)

Olive/Providence Tripper Times

The #42 Olive/Providence Tripper schedule: 
– leave Lackawanna Transit Center at 7:15 a.m. and arrive at Scranton High School at 7:25 a.m.
– leave Lackawanna Transit Center at 7:45 a.m. and arrive at Scranton High School at 7:55 a.m.
The afternoon schedule follows:
The bus will pick up at the bus stop in front of the school at 2:45 p.m. and arrive downtown at 3 p.m.

Adult Student Passes Available for $28

COLTS has 31-day ADULT STUDENT passes available for $28.

To purchase an adult student pass, you must have a school ID that verifies you are currently attending a local college, trade school, or beauty school.

Adult student passes are bright red with the COLTS logo on them. In August 2015, COLTS began issuing the white and orange student passes to current students in high school (and younger).

31-day adult student passes may be purchased at COLTS headquarters, the main library branch on Vine Street, Library Express in The Mall at Steamtown, Nancy Kay Holmes Branch on Green Ridge St., and Lackawanna College Bookstore.31 Day Adult Student Pass