COLTS and LCTA Accept Each Other’s Day Passes

COLTS and LCTA have decided to continue accepting each other’s Day Passes. Riders can also travel between the two counties using the $60 Inter-County 31-Day Pass.



Permanent Detour on #53 Marywood/U of S

The #53 Marywood/U of S bus will be on a permanent detour until further notice. The bus will use North Washington Avenue, bypass Seminary Street, and make a right onto University Drive. The bus will then make a right onto Adams Avenue. Pick-up and drop-off will be across from the shelter. The bus will then make a right on Seminary and a left onto North Washington.

No Transfer Fee Inbound to Lackawanna Transit Center from Wyoming Ave.

COLTS offers a free transfer to passengers from the 100 block of Wyoming Avenue inbound to the Lackawanna Transit Center. There is still a transfer charge of 75 cents on a regular fare (35 cents with a disabled pass) on all outbound trips from the Lackawanna Transit Center to Wyoming Avenue.

The following buses pick up inbound in the 100 block of Wyoming Avenue: #12 Jessup, #14 Drinker/Chestnut, #18 Petersburg, #41 High Works, #45 Viewmont Express, #48 Dalton/Waverly/Clarks Summit, #52 Carbondale, #53 Marywood/U of S, and #54 Green Ridge/Dickson City.

Buses do not automatically stop in the 100 block; passengers must flag down the bus. All passengers must exit the bus at the Transit Center.