Minor Changes on Five Routes Effective Wednesday, Nov. 28

#12 Jessup: The bus now travels on Monahan Ave., Reeves St., and Keystone Industrial Park Road in Dunmore. Time points have changed at Price Chopper on the inbound trip.

#18 Petersburg:
The bus now travels Ash to Union to William to Wheeler to Grove to Prescott. Time points were affected at the University  of Scranton,  CMC (outbound trips only), Ash at Prescott, and Union at Ash. A time point was added at Grove St. at Wheeler Ave. to service Riccardo’s Market and DePietro’s Pharmacy.

#26 Mohegan Sun: The bus has added time points along the route.

#48 Dalton/Waverly/Clarks Summit:
The outbound bus has a time point at Northern Boulevard at South Abington Road; the inbound bus has a time point at South Abington Road at Northern Boulevard. The inbound bus travels to the Transit Center on Mifflin Ave., not Wyoming Ave.

#54 Green Ridge/Dickson City:
The outbound bus travels Franklin to Mulberry St. to Capouse Ave. in front of Gino Merli Veterans’ Center; it no longer travels on Franklin behind the Center. The inbound bus still travels to the LTC via Franklin. An additional time point was also added.



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